When They Land


Film by Ben Yew

Featuring Drone Sky Show

"When They Land"


Is a riveting short cinema verite documentary offering an immersive glimpse into the frenetic energy and behind-the-scenes chaos surrounding a monumental event: a massive 500-drone show with synchronised fireworks, illuminating the heart of Perth, Australia.


With unfiltered access, Ben Yew captures the raw intensity as technicians scramble, organizers grapple with nerves, and the sheer spectacle of the show unfolds.


Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Perth skyline, viewers are transported into the heart of the action. Technical glitches, last-minute adjustments, and unexpected challenges become palpable through Yew's lens, heightening the tension. Candid interviews reveal the dedication, creativity, and teamwork required to orchestrate this display of technological artistry.


The film captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the synchronised drones and fireworks, offering a poignant reflection on the intersection of technology, artistry, and teamwork.



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