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Emergence Creative is a melting pot of diverse voices and perspectives, a crucible where creativity is not just encouraged but celebrated.

At the center of this whirlwind of ideas stands Mat Lewis, a beacon of wisdom and an epitome of creative resilience.


Ben Yew ventures into the depths of Mat's mind, unravelling the intricate tapestry of his thoughts and philosophies. Mat's life is a symphony of contemplation and action, a delicate balance between introspection and outward expression.


Mat's day begins in quiet reflection, a time where ideas take root in the fertile ground of his mind. As the sun rises, so does his energy, flowing seamlessly from his morning routines into the dynamic environment of the creative event.


Through these moments, we see how Mat's life philosophy is not just spoken but lived, a continuous application of creativity to both the mundane and the extraordinary.


The documentary portrays Mat's ability to navigate challenges with a unique blend of pragmatism and imagination.


Witness the emergence of ideas, the forging of connections, and the celebration of the human spirit's boundless potential.



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